The Fluo Color Ammonia Free range from Axenia Lab Collection contain pure reflex pigments that lets you create deep, bright and lasting, on trend highlights with an AMMONIA-FREE formula.


These nuances are well calibrated in intensity and can tint bleached hair or give particularly intense results. These colors act on bleached hair only and in some cases can be mixed with the traditional Axenia Lab colors for intensifying their reflexes. The FLUO COLOR nuances do not have any color lifting power. If mixed with PLAY FLUO COLOR pigment diluter it can be transformed into a multitude of pastel shades lasting up to 8 shampoos.


Fluo Color Ammonia Free range is composed of 6 brightness nuances: Blue, Green, Violet, Fuchsia, Pink, Gold + PLAY FLUO COLOR pigment diluter to obtain a multitude of pastel shades 50 ml tube.

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Fluo Color shades can be used to TONE natural or bleached hair, or to INTENSIFY the glow of traditional Axenia LAB shades. If mixed with PLAY FLUO COLOR pigment diluter it can be transformed into a multitude of pastel shades.
Mix 1:1.5 with Oxidizing Emulsion 20 vol.

-MIX: 1:1,5 Fluo Color shade+ Oxidising Emulsion 20 vol

-APPLICATION: Use a brush to apply the mix to bleached or natural hair, with a colour level of at least 9 (Ash blonde). 

5 min
Soft glow, reduced colour duration
10 min
Deep glow, normal colour duration
15 min
Extremely intense glow, normal colour duration

It is possible to use Axenia Fluo Color highlights together with traditional Axenia LAB 0.22 Violet, 0.26 Fuchsia, 0.33 Gold and 0.8 Blue shades to create striking colour effects.

0,33 ORO
,3 ,33
,6 ,66 ,62
0,22 VIOLA
,2 ,22
0,8 BLU
1,0 3,0
Example: To intensify the shade 4,22 and make it particularly Violet, mix in 30g Axenia Lab 4,22 + 10 ml Axenia Fluo Color 0,22 + 60 ml Axenia LAB Oxidising Emulsion(20 vol).
The shades Pink (0,02) and Green (0,83) are not recommended for mizing with the shades from the Axenia LAB Collection.

PREPARATION: mix the chosen Fluo Color shade in a bowl with the Play Fluo Color diluter and the 10 vol. Oxidising Emulsion at a ratio of 1:1.5. For extremely porous hair, we recommend a mixing ratio for colour/oxidising emulsion of 1:1. For a pastel colour and/or to lighten colour results, dilute the chosen Fluo Color shade with Play Fluo Color to a ratio of at least 1:2. E.g.: 10 g ROSA Fluo Color + 20 g PLAY Fluo Color + 45 ml 20 vol. oxidising emulsion. If you increase the shade dilution ratio for Fluo Color and Play Fluo Color it is possible to create even more delicate reflections. Play Fluo Color also makes it possible to mix the same Fluo Color shades together to customise the required colour result.

-APPLICATION: bleach the part of the hair to be toned with Fluo Color to a tone of 9/10. Once the required lightness has been achieved, wash with a mild, after-colour shampoo, dry and proceed with toning. Leave to act for 10 to 30 minutes according to the level of porousness of the hair and the required intensity of the reflections. We recommend checking colour intensity every 10 minutes. At the end of the acting time, rinse the hair WITHOUT SHAMPOOING.
The toning effect can last up to 8 shampoos, according to the chosen shade, the dilution ratio used (a lower dilution means greater pastel tone duration) and the structure of the hair.  

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